Why a website ....... now ?

Why a website ....... now ?

Exactly the question I was asked the other day buy a good customer. Partly yes with all our covid 19 shutdown I finally had the time to invest in learning how to do most of the job myself which is not only satisfying but way more affordable. It also allows me to utilise more thoroughly my existing point of sale system that we have run for a number of years in store but as the saying goes rubbish in - rubbish out so I have to really make sure I am entering all sales so that my live stock level is accurate. It was only whilst I was building this site that i realised many retailers don't run live stock , they run basically a dummy store and trap the order and then worry about the delivery after the sale has been transacted.  Smart ? sounds great and would work really well if your suppliers were in the same city, but based in Tasmania , no way. Our stock is true value and as we build our web business ( hopefully ) we will reinvest in higher stock levels , it is the only way to do business on this island where bulk freight can be 5-7 days delivery at best.

Another major reason was to try and connect with the whole state and offer our same knowledge  and service to our customers across Tasmania particularly. During our summer months we meet quite a few players as we perform our role as official stringing service to the states three international tennis events , Hobart , Burnie and Launceston. Having a chat is great but being able to then develop a relationship and being able to service and support from a distance is really what we are about.

In time we hope to be able to offer our restringing service statewide in a more formal way. Presently we have individual customers sending us racquets but we are busy looking at options for a more sustainable and consistent service with dedicated pick up and drop off points. I would really like to work with our coaches statewide so if you are one and would like to be involved please drop me a line. Our tennis coaches are often working before school until late at night so anything I can do to support them I certainly will.

Finally just a quick mention about the brands we stock and support. Head and Yonex are our two major racquet  brands  with as much stock as we can afford. We have sold Volkl for over 25 years and have demo racquets in store and will normally order as required. Hopefully we can stock more as the summer draws near. As there are obviously many more brands available and many are not only good but can often be THE right one.So we have relationships with all the other major brands and stock as required. If there is something in particular you require and you don't see it online I'm sure we can still source it relatively quickly.

For any enquiries you can contact me at Contact Stewart

Until next time................

23rd Jun 2020 Stewart Allwright

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