Lock Down Day 31

Lock Down Day 31

quotes like " not since 1918" " once in a generation" "worst since the depression" " worse than a world war" are now what we hear every day. Alongside the bad news and most shocking needless loss of life it is certainly a pivotal time in the world to be witness to. And despite all the bad news there are amazing stories of courage, heroism and a sense that a simpler , less complicated life is actually quite possible and not as frightening as we first thought.

Our tennis courts are closed, day 31 actually but behind the scenes there are many people working at what our sport will look like " on the other side" sorry I hate that line , but thats what it is !!!! On a local level what will a coaching lesson look like, will we still have group structures, how about all our squads for juniors, what will social tennis look like, organised pennants and competitions and remember tournaments ? how will they look in a post Covid era. That's not to say Covid is going anywhere , its clearly not, but I believe our sport is well situated to be a must play sport for many when all this settles down

So many times over the last weeks has the opinion been expressed " I must get back in to it"  I'll get the kids involved, the grandkids, I must play comp again, I miss playing tournaments, what is available for seniors, I'm going to make the time to play after working the last 25 years". So many comments like that and a myriad of enquiries about playing and coaching and social competition. Our sport will go off, I have no doubt. 

Will be ready, willing and able? We must ensure we have policy , procedures and practices that make parents and others fully confident that this is a safe and wonderful sport. It's simply not good enough to say play at your own risk, thats not going to cut it, we have to assume that every player and parent of player will be quite anxious in the starting up process, and will be assured by competent and professional service and communication. This is what we are going to do and this is how, will need to be front and centre as we rebuild our sport.

With my Stringlab hat on it will be nice to hear the thwock of a tennis ball being struck, Apart from Milo enjoying a complete tennis centre to himself , it is a very strange experience to be here most days. My jobs too hard basket is almost empty, I've almost completed a website that for the very first time will feature live stock and shop cart...... I think that means I have an omni channel experience going !!!! if you believe what you read. Lots of idea's, and a time to research so much product and innovation...... hopefully one day we can source that innovation locally as I think we have seen our reliance on imports and the so called cost savings that ensue have put our country in quite unsafe waters. Maybe a local manufactured racquet could once again come to fruition. Who Knows !!!! One thing is for sure we come out of this with a much different perspective on not taking for granted the things we enjoy, and that can't be bad at all.

24th Apr 2020

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