Club Newsletter - November 2020

Club Newsletter - November 2020

Greetings to you all! I hope you have navigated the Covid situation as best you could. We certainly live in a very special place and should cherish our safety and healthy environment for sure. Firstly, I would like to thank every member, every tennis customer who helped us get through the last months. It was very humbling during our shutdown to have customers purchasing gear when they didn’t have a timeline on when it might be used, and we had many reach out to check we were all OK. Thank you one and all.

I feel we used our shutdown time well. We used it as an opportunity to 'freshen up'. It was a time of reflection on the business and a great chance to look in from the outside, these are rare opportunities which are not normally available. We have made some changes - some you may notice, others are behind the scenes. There are a couple that are worth mentioning.

We have always considered StringLAB as an equipment specialist and in the past have attempted to carry everything that is openly available. In this unpredictable climate, that is not possible and we now operate with three of the worlds leading manufacturers as our core business. 

We carry demo racquets for trial, stock most of their catalogue in shoes, bags and spare parts. This summer we have chosen Yonex, Head and Tecnifibre as our core product providors. You will see as we build into summer the increase in availability of their full and complete range. K-Swiss has joined the crew as our specialist shoe brand. 

We are so glad to continue a 25+ year association with them. We can find you any other product from another brand we just won’t carry it as a stock item.

I also got my hands dirty and built a website that functions!!!! (this one!)  always a good start!

Our stock is live and whilst you may prefer to visit us at the club which still is our preferred option, at the very least you can research what we carry at your leisure beforehand. I still have many descriptions to complete, and a lot of tidy up , and as we go would like to include some short video’s on equipment , how to choose a racquet , when to restring etc. If there is anything you would like to see us do, please discuss with us. Within our site we now offer a restring booking portal. This is really helpful for us as we immediately get current up to date details which helps us in case of needing to contact and allows for us to get our time frames for pick ups systemised, professional and on time. We will have an after hours drop off box completed within the next week and accessible from the club foyer on the ground floor. A link directly to online bookings is

Restringing and customisation….. a big word for tweaking what you have to make it better is my passion. We have travelled across many countries and worked with many leading players, including creating teams to service events in China and the U.S . If your new to the club and / or new to Tasmania we are here for any advice you may need.

Lastly a mighty congratulations to Edward and Tony for helping bring our club to life. We are in a great position with so much enthusiasm and activity , our courts have never been busier and we have almost worn our ball machine out with all the use it has had. We are in for a great summer of tennis, we hope you can join us


26th Nov 2020 Stewart Allwright

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