Founded in 1989 yep that's thirty plus big ones, Stringlab is Tasmania's Racquet Sport Specialist. Our home for all this time is the picture perfect Domain Tennis Centre in Hobart , Tasmania . Many International tennis tournaments , hundreds of local competitions over 30 years and many thousands of customers each have added to the experience and knowledge which we believe to be amongst the best. If you would like to know about equipment basics right through to purchasing and customising multiple frames for tournament use , we will support all that and more. Tennis is an amazing game , and those that play have an aroused curiosity to research the little subtle 1% tweaks that make the sport just so interesting. It's that bringing together of the player and his physical and mental attributes matched to the right equipment.... whether that be frames, strings and string tension, shoes, balls or accessories that makes us want to open the doors each and every day. We would love you to be a part of our fourth decade in business.